🤓About Loominate

Loominate is a plug-and-play workplace community platform built on a Web 3.0 decentralised rewards system.

Loominate is where workplace communities trade battle stories, share passions, vote on initiatives and join bounties to drive positive culture and change in their organisations. Built on the economy of GOOD token, we are now able to decentralise the distribution of rewards to incentivise and sustain authentic bottom-up change, innovation and transformation in both small and big organisations.

TL;DR Loominate.app is the first decentralised community building platform designed with workplace communities in mind. In addition to giving everyone a safe space to speak up, Loominate is infusing joy, rewards and authenticity into culture building.

Bringing humanity, transparency & delight to workplace communities

Loominate's mission is to bring transparency, humanity, rewards and a bit of fun into workplace community building. Our vision of the future of work is one that is anchored on the principles of decentralised value creation and exchange, empowerment of the individuals and innovation through collective intelligence.

💤 Are you a HR Solution?

Whenever we talk about our mission to others, we often get asked if we're building a HR tech solution. We're no HR experts and we actually don't know what constitutes HR these days. What we know is that a solution and business model that is built for top-down implementation will never fully unlock the potential of the individuals in any organisation.

So, we're a culture solution with the ability to put a value on positive community and culture building. Our suite of community tools can be used for any purpose that requires freedom of speech, candid ideation, voting, crowdsourcing of solutions or just a platform for serious, fun and trivial human conversations.

📢 Are you a whistle-blowing platform?

No, we're not. Loominate is first and foremost a safe space for the exchange of ideas, conversations and missions, both in the frivolous and serious realms. We enable individuals to have honest discussions, find support within the community and raise visibility to both problems and solutions. Users may find comfort in confiding problems with the community pseudonymously or anonymously, or create change and impact by responding to bounties and voting on policies and initiatives. We believe that the greatest change and impact takes place in the everyday, not just in the exceptional cases of crisis and tragedy where whistle-blowing is the necessary course of action. Our goal is to help create workplace cultures where no whistleblowing situation need arise.

🚀 Who are your competitors?

We've scoured the internet for an equivalent of Loominate but only found a handful of HR and workplace impact platforms that still cater to the needs of corporate overlords and with business models that rely on management buy-ins. Our product and business model is designed to help Loominate stay independent of corporate buy-ins, distribute the power back to the community through our tokenomics and let users (not corporate owners/leaders) determine how our platform evolve.

But don't get us wrong, we're appreciative of any solutions that help alleviate workplace stress, harassment, disengagement, inequality and the fear of speaking up. The difference in our product strategy is that we want to help build the foundations of great culture and community rather than serve as a reactive solution to a problem that could've been prevented.

The following businesses and categories are who we think might overlap/compete with what we do:

🧬 How are you Web3?

We see #web3 as a catch all term for both the technology and decentralisation principles that we build Loominate on.

Loominate is built on the following three pillars of decentralisation:

  • Blockchain identity and Wallets allow Loominate to be private by default. The current MVP is traditionally encrypted but in the future iteration it'll be upgraded to a blockchain ID to keep personal details anonymous and ownable. Loominate custodial wallets will also be automagically created for verified users who signed up for an account on Loominate.app. Users will have complete control over what data and personal details they want to own and share during the course of their usage of the platform, as well as after.

  • Individual ownership & powers of self-governance are also core principles that guide the way the platform developed. Users who earned GOOD tokens through their participation on the platform are able to redistribute them to peers as rewards or use them to vote for policies and ideas raised by the community. This allows individuals to gain ownership of their role and impact in community building. Distributed decision making is made possible on Loominate because of this, and this changes the way community and culture is built in a corporate setting.

  • Token economics incentivises positive and sustained engagement and contributions on Loominate. Users' engagement and contributions are also tokenised in the form of Karma points which they could swap into GOOD tokens. With GOOD, users are able to unlock features for the community, vote on policies and influence the direction of their respective community as well as those of Loominate.app. Users will finally get to hear from each other across borders, departments and hierarchical levels, in an environment that is safe.

  • Built on Polygon.technology Loominate is built on the Polygon blockchain network and we're currently updating our technical stack.

Explore the rest of our white paper below to learn more about why and how we want to do this.

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