The Good Culture App

Where employees co-create change, innovation and a more human workplace.

Crowdsource ideas, change and solutions

√ Run a poll, rally votes for a new initiatives or start a conversation.
√ Ask your management and peers burning questions you have
√ Every action earns Karma points through community upvoting and downvoting.
√ Pseudo anonymity removes fears and psychological barriers of speaking up

It's a safe space

Loominate is private by default. Users will have control over how much they want to reveal about themselves.
  • All work emails are hashed, encrypted and delinked from their user profiles
  • Users may toggle between a pseudonym of their choosing or remain completely anonymous
  • Loominate does not mine your data to run ads or sell your aggregated data to advertisers. This business model simply is against our brand philosophy.

Earn GOOD Tokens

  • Every positive action on the platform earns users GOOD Tokens.
  • Each post/poll/initiative on the platform will display the value of GOOD tokens earned in USD.
  • Each user account will come with a non-custodial wallet that stores GOOD tokens.
  • No installation of crypto wallet will be needed. The custodial wallets will work like Brave Browser Wallets where Basic Attention Tokens are added to the user account automatically. GOOD Tokens will be added to users wallets as they earn the tokens.

Spend GOOD Tokens

Like Discord and Reddit, Loominate users will be able to spend GOOD tokens to
  • Unlock Community Power Ups, Custom Avatars, NFT Profiles & other premium features
  • Vote on policies put forward by their communities
  • Vote on Loominate's strategic policies
  • Purchase digital products/services in Loominate's native marketplaces

Loominate Ecosystem

We're building an ecosystem where Loominate sets the standards for inclusive workplace practices, culture building, industry benchmarking, policy making and organisational transformation. The aim is to partner up with other Future of Work platforms and solutions that are emerging in both Web2 and Web3 space to extend our access to as many employees as possible.
Loominate’s goal is to set the gold standard for open and transparent workplaces where employees are invested in their community, meaningfully engaged in collective value creation while retaining their individual autonomy.
Here are the key components of the Loominate ecosystem that we're building:

Phase 1 Core Elements

√ Loominate Community Wallet (for each chat space)
√ Loominate User Wallets
√ GOOD Tokens
√ Loominate Platform
√ Culture Index (Data insights)

Phase 2 & 3 - Partnerships & Marketplaces

√ ESG Collaboration
√ Future of Work Services
√ Web 2.0 Integrations
√ Web3 Talent Marketplaces + NFT Profiles
√ Integration with Web2 Productivity Tools (e.g. Slack, Asana)
√ Integration of NFT Profiles with Metaverses