🥷The Founding Team

A little bit of personal stories, history and the origins of the founding team.

CEO, Co-founder

A space engineer by training, Jamie spent over 14 years in Airbus developing a unique portfolio of experiences in Business Development, Customer & Corporate Innovation. From designing helicopter pilot training software programmes to leading transformation projects that impacted over 50,000 employees and contributing to $300m+ in revenue growth, Jamie's career in Airbus had given him an incredible growth platform but also an amazing front row view to the challenges of creating real change in a big corporate organisation.

He has seen how large organisations inevitably build walls between units that stifle collaborations and innovation. The bigger the organisations grow, the greater the layers of bureaucracy that in turn prevent free speech, personal empowerment and bottom-up change.

In 2020, he left his corporate career to embark on another spiritual journey to South Americas before returning to Singapore to found Loominate.app. There were a few startup iterations, false starts and challenges before Loominate, but he got there in the end.

Loominate is, in many ways, both the journey and destination that Jamie has been heading towards.

Jamie leads strategy, partnerships, growth and finance at Loominate.

COO, Co-founder

Taryn was the former COO & Chief of Staff in two independent advertising networks, responsible for digital strategy, corporate and culture restructuring. In the 7 years in the digital space, she has worn many hats, won awards and built various teams & offices across Southeast Asia. She has never been afraid to reinvent and rebuild her life, career and dreams from scratch. While many clung on to an accumulation of accolades and achievements, Taryn's drive is to pack different life experiences into one.

In 2020, she co-founded artwallstreet.io, originally an NFT platform for physical artworks, but exited later to rejoin advertising. She then started investing in cryptocurrency and became one of the original community builders for a social token that took flight in July 2021. During this time, she reconnected with Jamie on the rise of web3 and its potential on creating impact in workplace communities. Loominate was naturally borne out of this shared vision and passion.

Taryn leads the operations, product design, branding, marketing and community building at Loominate.

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