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An abstract of our raison d'etre, vision and mission

TL;DR Decentralisation & bottom-up empowerment is key to unlocking collective intelligence, innovation and transformation.

The Future of Work should embrace and reflect the full joyous human experience

Joy, delight, mental engagement, social connections, a sense of empowerment and purpose-driven existence are all essential human experiences that make us productive and innovative members of society. These are the very same conditions that make for an amazing workplace community.

The broad underpinning conditions for human happiness is not rocket science so it is a wonder why we have not cracked the code of bringing humanity back to workplaces. It is as if we should treat employees as separate to their human selves at work. The conditions for the happy employee are the same conditions that make for a great human experience:

  • A safe environment to thrive, express & achieve

  • Recognition, appreciation and acceptance from the community

  • A sense of creative, communal and productive purpose

  • An ability to do what you love and are good at

At Loominate, we build community tools that help create such conditions. The good news is that these principles of the happy human are not antithetical to the goals of profitable enterprises. It's been proven by research that happier workplaces generate higher productivity and profitability.The good news is that these principles are not antithetical to the goals of profitable enterprises. It's been proven by research that happier workplaces generate higher productivity and profitability.

If the cornerstone of workplace communities are built on the first principles of human happiness, then equality, fair compensation, empowerment of the individual and innovation become the natural outcomes of corporate entities.

For this reason, Loominate builds into the platform all the tools that enable social connections, joy, voting capabilities and a sense of community through the Karma point system, leaderboard, learn-to-earn features, bounties, custom emojis and NFT profiles.

Our user interface is Web2 inspired because Web2 still has the best user-experience practices to date. Through a combination of intuitive gamification design and the ability to power engagements with GOOD Tokens, Loominate aims to bring the best of Web3 to mainstream communities, and in that process, bring some joy back to workplace communities.

Reorganising the world into a fairer economy

Loominate’s vision is a world built collectively by a generation of individuals who are truly free, creative, autonomous and empowered. We believe productivity and creative labour systems that are built around the individual’s unique capabilities, passions and motivations will result in a world that is infinitely happier, richer and fairer 🌈 .

To do this we want to help ensure that value creation is fairly recognised, exchanged and compensated, one workplace community at a time.

Loominate is the beginning and spark for this change.

It may seem almost foolhardy to imagine that a mere platform could topple centuries of bureaucracy and patriarchal systems in these corporate enterprises that are very often led by the 'boys club' and boardrooms of machismos. The eras of industrialisation, 'management consultancies' and Web2 productivity-driven culture have made labour systems soullessly efficient, calculated and devoid of human touch.

But we see the emergence of Web3 capabilities as opportunities for us to self-organise into organic, human pods of support and connections that bring real human voice to the fore in decision making. Through a tokenised rewards system that's embedded into everyday interactions, value exchanges and the decision making, workplace communities may rebuild the foundations of their relationship with each other, create transparent, trust, community and loyalty, that in turn generate real value for their respective organisations.

Already we see new rules of engagement are being conceptualised and realised in DeFi, metaverse, NFT content creator's economy and DAOs. While we're still in the nascent and experimental age of Web3, the momentum is gaining as big tech and social media giants began scrambling for the least disruptive transition to the inevitability of Web3.

If we pause and look up from our rat race for a moment, we could already see that Loominate's vision of the future is already in the making. Decentralised social media platforms and online communities will be the next wave of transition that the mainstream population will be swept into. The generation that precipitated The Great Resignation will continue their move into Web3 industries, technologies and philosophy.

What is the role of corporate leadership in all of this?

When corporate employees connect with each other more meaningfully and are able to band together to surface new ideas and solutions for the company, everyone wins, including the bottom line. Corporate stakeholders should know that when employees build meaningful connections within the organisation, it strengthens camaraderie, community and loyalty, which in turns will generate higher job retention, productivity and higher bottom lines for companies.

Employees who are empowered can help surface and solve problems in the company more efficiently and effectively because they are close to the day-to-day operations.

Here is what they can do to help build the Future of Work:

  • Support and sponsor community building tools on Loominate and other similar solutions

  • Participate in polls, initiatives and ideas put forward by their work communities

  • Launch bounties and issue rewards to successful responses from the communities through Loominate

  • Listen and understand the voices that are surfacing to the top on the platform.

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